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HCC Innovations Overview

Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services (RMCHCS) and the Chronic Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) is pleased to provide the accredited education once again, HCC Innovations. HCC Innovations is a learning experience that will offer case-based education on the diagnosis, management, and treatment of HCC in a multi-disciplinary setting including faculty and participants from gastroenterology, hepatology, oncology, surgery and interventional radiology.


The HCC Innovations series will include 20 teleECHO clinics. The meeting format will be an interactive case-based discussion featuring varying patient types and clinical decision points integrated into each case. At the clinical decision points, participants will be asked to provide an approach to treatment and faculty members will respond with the optimal management approach using teaching slides to convey evidence-based recommendations. Each meeting will be 45-minutes in length and feature up to two clinical case discussions. The meetings will be led by a pair of expert faculty members, joining us from the fields of hepatology, oncology, surgery, and interventional radiology.

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HCC Innovations will follow the ECHO model™ which dramatically increases access to specialty treatment in rural and underserved areas by providing front-line clinicians with the knowledge and support they need to manage patients with complex conditions. It does this by engaging clinicians in a continuous learning system and partnering them with specialist mentors at an academic medical center or hub. The ECHO model™ breaks down the walls between specialty and primary care. It links expert specialist teams at a "hub" with primary care clinicians in local communities — the ‘spokes’ of the model. 

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Supported by educational grants from Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eisai and Merck.

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